Seattle Shooting and Crash Injures Five

The Seattle Times reports that five people went to a hospital on Sunday morning after a shooting and a subsequent car accident in downtown Seattle. A witness called 911, claiming that shots had been fired close to Denny Way and Stewart Street in the early hours of the morning. Seattle police say the witness saw the suspects flee the scene, with one person leaving in an orange vehicle.

Police Car Closeup


At the same time, Washington State Patrol troopers informed Seattle police that there was a car crash on Interstate 5 involving an orange Dodge vehicle. Troopers investigating the scene noticed one of the people in the car had gunshot wounds.

Police offers took a witness to the scene of the crash, and he identified one of the passengers as the shooter. Officers immediately arrested the man and took him to King County Jail.

Emergency workers took the injured man to a nearby hospital. His injuries were serious, and he had gunshot wounds to his stomach and leg. Four other people sustained injuries in the car crash.

Police are still investigating the incident. They have requested assistance from any other members of the public who may have witnessed either the shooting or the car crash.

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Not all Seattle crashes involve violent criminals as this story about a 92-year-old lady from Komo News demonstrates:

92-Year-Old Crashes into Fortune Cookie Factory

Komo News reports that a 92-year-old woman sustained minor injuries when she crashed her vehicle into a Seattle fortune cookie factory. Emergency workers responded to a call in Seattle’s International District about a car crash and a trapped victim.

Firefighters arrived to find that there was no victim trapped in the car. The car itself only had slight damage. The elderly woman did not have any visible injuries, but emergency workers took her to a nearby hospital for an evaluation to make sure. The crash did not seriously damage the building, but the impact shattered a glass door.

Serious Accidents Uncommon in Washington

Statistics from FindTheData indicate that the state of Washington has surprisingly few car accident fatalities each year when compared to other U.S. states. Each year, there are approximately 6.79 traffic deaths per 100,000 people, with a total of 420 fatal car crashes in 2010.

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