Recent Collisions Highlight Destructive Force of Truck Accidents

It is not surprising that truck accidents can cause significant damage to property, and most truck accidents result in serious injuries or even death. The sheer size of these vehicles is enough to cause lasting damage to drivers and passengers, and this is particularly true when victims of truck accidents are in regular vehicles at the time.

Truck collision


Across the state of Washington last year, there were 34 heavy truck accidents that caused fatalities, while 62 heavy truck accidents caused serious injuries to either the driver, passengers of the truck or those riding in other vehicles.

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Crash on Route 122 Sends Woman to Hospital

WDBJ reports that emergency workers have flown a woman seriously injured in a crash on Route 122 to the hospital. The crash happened in the middle of the day, and police officials closed the road for hours after the crash in order to clear wreckage and conduct a full investigation.

Police say the woman crashed into the back of a parked tree-service truck. The truck was helping another tree-service truck that was broken down on the roadside. No one was in either truck at the time of the crash.

Crews worked to clear the scene, and the roadway reopened later that day. Officials reported no other injuries at the scene.

Car Crashes Into Truck After Blowing Tire

The Spectrum reports that a car blew a tire and crashed into a truck on Route 18. The crash seriously injured the driver of the vehicle. Police say he was driving down Route 18 when the car veered into the adjacent lane and collided with a Sunroc truck headed in the opposite direction.

The car spun out after the crash and ended up in the middle of the roadway. The accident did not injure the truck driver despite the fact that he veered off the road and into a yard.

Police have not yet indicated whether they will cite the driver of the vehicle for the accident, but they believe that the cause of the accident was mechanical failure. The driver is currently recovering at a local hospital.

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