3 Facts to Know About Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawsuits

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that tractor-trailer accidents contributed to approximately 1.5 million injuries in 2009. That year, 3,600 people died in accidents with tractor-trailers. The lawsuits that arise from these injuries are unique from other car-accident lawsuits in many ways, and it’s important for victims to find an attorney who is experienced in truck-crash claims.

Truck collision


At Richard McKinney Law in Seattle, we are committed to protecting the rights of truck-accident victims and to helping them find justice and compensation through personal-injury lawsuits. We have 40 years of experience helping our clients gather evidence to support their claims, and we are not afraid to take on large trucking companies to win compensation for our clients. If you would like to schedule a consultation with a truck-accident attorney, please call us at 206-933-1605.

1. Truck Accidents Are More Destructive Than the Average Crash

Tractor-trailers can weigh up to 16 times more than other cars on the road, and that weight often leads to extremely destructive accidents. For instance, the Press Herald reports that a truck broke through a guardrail and entered the other side of the highway before striking a car head on. The driver of the other vehicle died at the scene.

Police said they were surprised by the crash. The solid, steel guardrails are usually enough to deflect even the most violent impacts, but this truck broke through it. Investigators are currently trying to determine if the crash involved drugs, distraction or fatigue. They say that charges will likely follow their investigation.

2. Truck Accidents Often Involve Several Defendants

In most car-accident lawsuits, the victim sues the other driver and his or her insurance company. Truck-accident lawsuits generally involve several defendants. Beyond the driver and the insurance companies, claimants can also name the trucking company as a defendant in most situations. Likewise, if there was a mechanical problem that contributed to the wreck, the truck manufacturer may also be partially responsible.

3. Blind Spots Are Common Causes of Truck Accidents

When a passenger-car driver says that he or she didn’t see a pedestrian before an accident, it is often hard to believe, but when a truck driver says that, it is probably true. In fact, many cities restrict trucks from driving on certain roads to protect pedestrians.

The WCF Courier reports that a truck driver told police that he stopped his vehicle after feeling a soft bump. He got out of the truck and found that he had run over a pedestrian who was in a wheelchair. Police have not charged the driver with a crime yet.

If you have suffered a serious injury in a truck accident in Seattle, let us help you evaluate your options. A truck-accident attorney from Richard McKinney Law can help you determine how best to proceed and what type of compensation you can expect. If you are ready to arrange a consultation with a lawyer today, call us at 206-933-1605.

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