Family Injured in Horrific Car Crash

There is a shocking number of vehicle-into-building crashes in the United States. In fact, the Storefront Safety Council estimates that 50 cars strike buildings every day. Of course, not every storefront crash causes injuries, but shoppers and employees are very vulnerable to harm when a vehicle crashes through a store wall.



One group of Seattle shoppers is lucky to be alive after a storefront accident last week. The Seattle Times reports that an SUV jumped a curb and collided with a building in the early afternoon. It travelled through a hair salon before stopping in a deli.

When emergency crews arrived, they found that the SUV had pinned a man, his wife and their daughter to the deli’s wall. The family suffered serious injuries and waited through 15 agonizing minutes before paramedics could free them. Before help arrived, the vehicle caught fire briefly, but quick-thinking bystanders put it out with fire extinguishers.

Several Victims Required Emergency Medical Attention

Emergency crews transported the family to a nearby hospital along with four other victims including a mother and her young son. Meanwhile, a building inspector identified several structural cracks in the building and restricted public access until a team of engineers makes a more thorough inspection.

Police are investigating the incident, and they haven’t cited or arrested the driver. Witnesses say the driver was trapped in her vehicle by fallen debris, but she didn’t appear to have suffered any injuries in the wreck.

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Two Children on Bicycles Injured in Near Simultaneous Car Accidents

Two young friends are fortunate to be alive after they were both involved in car accidents that occurred just moments apart. The Seattle Times explains that an 8-year-old and a 12-year-old were riding bikes together shortly after school when they tried to cross a road.

The 8-year-old crossed first, and a car collided with him, throwing the young cyclist to the ground. He suffered minor injuries in the fall. His friend grew concerned and immediately tried to reach the boy. Another vehicle struck the second boy, who fell to the road and broke his leg. Police haven’t cited either driver and continue to investigate the incident.

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