Car-Accident News: Reckless Driving Roundup

Negligent driving is one of the most dangerous problems in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that car accidents cost our society $871 billion in 2010.



Beyond the expense, 3.9 million people reported suffering injuries in traffic accidents. Negligent and reckless driving causes a great number of those crashes. Although it’s not possible to prevent every accident, cutting out impaired, distracted and reckless driving would make our roads safer for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

A recent car accident shows just how devastating negligent driving can be. KIROTV News reports that four adults and five children are recovering from serious injuries after a five-car pileup.

Police say that one driver’s negligence sparked the crash and injured all of the victims. Initial reports indicate that Heather Lee was driving with her two young children when she failed to stop as a car ahead of her slowed to make a turn. She struck that vehicle before veering into oncoming traffic and hitting a van.

The van, which contained four children flipped on the side of the road. Paramedics took several of the passengers to the hospital with critical injuries, including a 5-year-old.

Police Are Charging Lee With Vehicular Assault

The crash was so violent that witnesses initially told police that someone had to have died. Fortunately, doctors expect all of the victims to make a full recovery.

Remarks that the driver made to police at the scene are making headlines. Police found a marijuana pipe in the vehicle. When they asked Lee about it, she admitted to smoking every day, including the day of the accident.

Police drew her blood for a test. If she had enough of the dug in her system, they can charge her with a DUI.

An Accident Lawyer Can Help You Seek Compensation

If you’ve suffered an injury in an accident with a negligent driver, we can help you seek compensation. Each of Lee’s victims could potentially sue her for damages, especially if police determine that her drug-use played a role.

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Police Say That Reckless Behavior Caused Accident in Tunnel

The Seattle Times reports that a teenager is accused of causing a three-car crash. Police say he attempted to hold his breath while driving through a tunnel. He was so determined to succeed that he fainted.

His car crossed into oncoming traffic, causing a serious accident. Including the driver, paramedics took four people to the hospital for treatment. Police suspect he was holding his breath as part of a game.

Certainly, his victims could file a personal-injury lawsuit in an attempt to recover compensation for their injuries.

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